Our Clergy and Vestry


Vicar: Rev Dr Greg Connolly

Phone: (02) 6258 3898

Email: fr.greg.connolly@liberalcatholicchurch.org.au

Vicar Emeritus: Very Rev Ivor Vivian

Deacon: Rev Walter Davis

Phone: (02) 6254 4238

Email: wf.davis@internode.on.net

Reader: Ilija Talevski

Vestry Committee

Chair: Elisabeth Davis

Treasurer: David Osborne

Secretary: Susan MacDougall

Vicar: Rev Dr Greg Connolly (ex officio)

Priest’s Warden: Rev Walter Davis

People’s Warden (acting): David Slater

Librarian: Susan MacDougall

Sacristan: Ilija Talevski

Other Committee members: Angela Vivian-Bolt, Jean Bennett, and Margaret Geaghan.


The Vestry Committee is the equivalent of a Parish Council and is responsible for the smooth running of the church, grounds and finances of the parish.

Other Responsibilities

Organists: David Slater, Coral Cottrell and Angela Vivian-Bolt

Special Eucharistic Ministers: Elisabeth Davis, Angela Vivian-Bolt and Ilija Talevski.

Auditor: Myrna Recamara

Flower Arranger: Jean Bennett

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