Our Services

The photo above is of the ordination of Rev Dr Greg Connolly as a priest by Bishop Graham Preston at St Thomas’s church on 7th of July 2008.

We have our regular masses (Holy Eucharists) on Sunday mornings, starting at 10am. They are currently subject to attendance and physical-distancing limits, due to Government regulations relating to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. They are usually sung masses, where we sing or intone most of the mass. While this may seem unfamiliar the first time you attend if you are familiar with said masses, it doesn’t take long to get used to it. The main body of our church is octagonal, with a high-pitched roof (designed to be akin to a Mongolian yurt) and has beautiful acoustics.

We also use incense in our masses. If you are sensitive to incense, please let us know before we start our masses and we will reduce the amount of incense we use and open some more windows. We have morning tea and a chat after our masses.

We usually also have a regular spiritual healing service on the third Tuesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm. However, these are in abeyance until further notice, due to Government restrictions on religious services, due to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. 

On special occasions, we also have other church services, in Lent and Advent and on Holy Days. We also provide the other Sacraments and services (including baptisms, weddings, funerals, last rites, house blessings) as required and within the rules set by Government. 

For further information on our services, please contact Fr Greg Connolly on (02) 6258 3898 or via email at fr.greg.connolly@liberalcatholicchurch.org.au.